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Hi y'all!

Hi y'all!

posted by Nicholijea Carnahan on Aug 18, 2017 6:23 am

My name is Nicholijea Carnahan (Nadya is what I go by) and I'm in my last semester in nursing school, graduating in December 2017! Hoping to get hired in my local hospital's OR and go through their periop program. My end goal for education and career is to be an RNFA! I cannot wait to get started in the OR it has been my dream since I was very young! Our school has us apply for the GN positions before we even graduate and my local hospital's OR posts their positions in October/November. If anyone has any interview tips for getting hired into the OR they would be greatly appreciated. I am already beginning to look at instruments and memorizing them and also sterile technique in the suite etc. Thank you for your time!

Re: Hi y'all!

posted by Melodie Mastrogiovanni on Sep 13, 2017 9:08 pm

Congratulations on finishing up school and becoming an RN this year. I believe you need to just look at interviewing as a whole and not concentrate on just interviewing for the OR. There are a lot of great information on line about interviewing. Make sure you "clean up" any social media sites because employers look at that as well as your background check. Good luck!

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