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ORNurseLink is an online community from the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) that provides operating room professionals a place to connect with each other and exchange helpful resources, ideas, and practices.

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    Moisture is acceptable and even expected with the immediate use steam sterilization process (IUSS "flash") however sediment in the bottom of the pan indicates a genuine problem with impurities in your steam line coming into the IUSS sterilizer. I would not want to use it on my patient.

    I would ask for a consultation with infection prevention and the b...
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    I am looking to do an in servce on DIC as it is something the staff doesn't  experience often (a good thing).  Does anyone know of any articles specifically for OR nurses? I went through the journal archives but there was nothing recent.

    Thank you
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    Is it acceptable to use instruments from a flash pack when there is debris in the condensate on the bottom of the pan? We have had this issue, changed our filters as scheduled and, have even purchased new flash packs and continue to see sediment in the bottom once the instruments have been processed. Does anyone else see this and if so, what is accepatable? Is...
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    We cover  24/ 7 with one regular team on shifts. But our call pay is 3/4 of our regular rate. If called in, it is time and a half once called. Minimum 4 hours. must be within 1 hr. We only have  Neuro call but use them as emergency back up. Location Midtown Manhattan.
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    Age is a sensitive subject and I believe it depends on the culture of the institution and whether they have a mature working program. If you are a Magnet hospital or are beginning the journey- you could use the magnet model to implement councils within your unit. The subject of call and an opt out age which leaves it to each staff member to fill a ballot or quest...
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    I believe the safety of the patient should be considered. The hidden question should be " what do other facilities do when a pt is not NPO and ate. Anesthesia refused to do the case so what do others do? My answer would be: we should not try to put nurses  licenses in jeopardy once an anesthesia provider has refused care due to safety issues. The question of ACLS...