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ORNurseLink is an online community from the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) that provides operating room professionals a place to connect with each other and exchange helpful resources, ideas, and practices.

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    I just started in the role of educator about two months ago for our 16 room OR and one of my first priorities is to try and reevaluate our orientation for new staff. I am currently in the position of not needing to be hiring newly graduated staff, but generally having staff come to us with some amount of experience. I was wondering if any of you had an orientation...
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    Hi Audrey, 
         There is some evidence that indicates that cigarette paper may not be biocompatible for surgical applications and we do not do the procedure at my facility.

    There are a couple of options however. Sterile cigarette papers can be purchased from:
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    Does anyone have a job description for an OR tech?  Not a scrub, but an employee whose primary responsibilities are pulling cases, helping with room turnover, etc...  We are in need of this position and would like to know other responsibilities that this position has elsewhere.  Thanks!
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    I think the best practice is always to leave an IV or irrigation bag sealed until ready to use. If there is a change of staff it is hard to know how long the bag has been left open.
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    We use the Pulse Lavage for irrigation of our total knee replacements (3000 ml NS). One of our circulators opens the saline bag and leaves the port open (does not spike with sterile lavage tubing) until it's needed later in the case. This is the first person I've seen do this and wanted to ask the community if this is standard practice and if so, how long can th...
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    We do hire new RNs into our Nurse Residency program in which they do Periop 101.  We tightly screen for aptitude to the OR including full disclosure regarding necessity of taking call.  They must sign a 2 year contract.  We generally have better retention with new grads.  We loose employees who live outside our area due to commuting issues and higher pay cl...