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ORNurseLink is an online community from the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) that provides operating room professionals a place to connect with each other and exchange helpful resources, ideas, and practices.

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    I'm wondering how other ASC's are accomplishing terminal cleaning?  Are you utilizing your OR staff at the end of the day or an outside cleaning crew at night?
    Thank you in advance for your input!
    Karla Williams
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    Can anyone answer the question as to whether or not when a patient is scheduled for breast needle loc lumpectomy with SLN biopsy and the patient is being injected with the Tc99 in the OR room after they have been intubated, if the injecting of the Tc99 should be included on the surgical consent?
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    We do annual fit testing. It is actually required for completion of our annual evaluation.
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    Coming from a Level 1 trauma facility that is a big NO do not cut the strings you are correct that sponges should never be altered or cut. The issue becomes when they mis count and leave on or 2 in the patient.  we roll our tags to the inside.  Our trauma surgeons would not even think of cutting the tag off. 
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    Our trauma surgeons have requested the OR staff to cut the tapes on lap sponges because if they use the sponges as packing in the abdomen and send their patients to angio, etc, the tapes get in the way of the true picture they want to see.  One of the trauma surgeons came from another facility that did this practice and can't understand why we have trouble doin...
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    We are currently working on a throughput project to create an accurate averaging system for surgical case lengths in our EPIC system.   Curious how other hospitals are measuring OR case length.  Do your schedulers frequently override estimated case times and why?  How often do your preference card builders review and update preference cards?