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    Good morning,
    I am looking for feedback on what other Operating Room's use for peer reviews within their department.  I would also welcome any supporting tools or documents that are used to complete such peer reviews.  Thank you in advance

    Shannan Reid, RN, BSN, CNOR
    OR/CSD Nursing Director
    Maine Medical Center
    Scarborough Surgery Center
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    Hi Kimberly,

    I'm Aussie based but we always do a count at vault closure, a second when closing the abdonimal peritoneum and then at skin.


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    We use this drug for our joint patients. I do know a friend of mine had surgery on her knee, Exparel was used. She did great for about two days after surgery, not she is in a good amount of pain. So from what I can tell, it does the job it is suppose to, but other pain meds will need to be on board after the first two days.

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    We had the same issue about a year ago. After doing research I found that Castille Soap can be used. Our surgeons really want to use Chloroprep but it is not allowed. Castille Soap can be used anywhere on the body, even the vaginal vault.
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    When we flip a patient from supine to prone or vice versa, we bring another OR bed into the room to move the patient over. Once the patient is moved over to the new OR bed, we move the orignial bed out of the room.
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    Hi Paul,
    We do not allow our rep to manipulate the table in any way, however I totally understand why the surgeon wants someone solely available to do the manipulation.  It should be a resident who does this portion. Presently my nurses to this and it is difficult to circulate this procedure and manipulate the leg at a moments notice. This has been on my rada...