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ORNurseLink is an online community from the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) that provides operating room professionals a place to connect with each other and exchange helpful resources, ideas, and practices.

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    I am interested in what hospitals are doing with regards to a fire risk assessment prior to surgery.

    Are you using the A-E letter method for identifying the risk level designation as recommended by AORN or are you using a numeric system? If numeric, how are you differentiating the fire risk, for example a 1-5 scale with a score of 5 meaning the procedure p...
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    I'm interested in how other facilities are cleaning X-ray gowns for their OR staff.  We have multiple users and multiple x-ray gowns- some users are very sweaty!!!

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    We have a surgeon that gets annoyed with the circulating nurse requesting the preop diagnosis.  We are not on electronic documenation yet.  Any advice as how to approach this with both the nurse and the surgeon.  Am I incorrect in believing that this is part of the standard of practice.  The surgeon believes we should be getting this from the posting sheet...
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    For any RN's who might be looking to get into travel nursing but are not sure how let me be your resource.

    It can be a scary notion, to get up and leave your comfortable surroundings for something new, but let me tell you, it's a great option.

    You get freedom to travel the country for free
    Higher pay then staff positions
    The ability to stay at a hospital for...
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    We are having a discussion about what the fire risk score should be for an anterior cervical fusion.
    My thought is:  1 pt for above the xiphoid; 1 point for electrocautery to be used; 1 pt for proximity of the ETT for total of 3.
    Some of the CRNA's think that becuase the ETT is a closed system the risk is a 2.

    What do others think?
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    One year ago we cross-trained our core techs and housekeepers/orderlies and created a "surgical support technician" position. All  of them now are part of the tunover team, as well as work in the central supply cores- which is not Central Processing.

    Our turnover times have increased by half, which of course is causing a problem.

    The biggest chall...