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Julie Zorn
Anyone using the Renuvion for cosmetic surgery? If so, how are you using? FDA came out with a statement which ...
Julie Zorn Category Equipment 18d
Cassandra Eilers
Is anyone using the Tecsys inventory management program at their facility that would be willing to talk me through ...
Cassandra Eilers Category Equipment Aug '22
Lethia Collins
I am interested in any positive and negative feedback on the use of the RF scanners for retained surgical ...
Lethia Collins Category Equipment Aug '22

@Lethia Collins
Following this. Thank you.

Emily Hardin
I am wondering what surgical supplies other facilities are using to replace the Ligasure? Specifically the 10mm ...
Emily Hardin Category Equipment Jul '22

@Emily Hardin we have brouhgt in powerseal (from olympus) as a similar product. Some of our surgeons love it, ...

Elizabeth Yates
Does anyone use hip positions as shoulder pads for robotic surgery? What positioning devices do you use for the ...
Elizabeth Yates Category Equipment Jul '22

@Elizabeth Yates
We use the TrenGuard positioner for robotic cases at my hospital. There are two sizes – one for up ...

Julie Zorn
Anyone have RN's running the power injector? We do not have a hybrid room, we use a vascular table, carm and stand ...
Julie Zorn Category Equipment Jul '22
We have a radiology tech run the Medrad. We have never received formal training on how to run the medrad.
Amanda Johnson
Hi, Any guidance on using a dual bladder pneumatic tourniquet cuff as a single? Guidelines indicate possibly ...
Amanda Johnson Category Equipment Jul '22
Karen MacDonald
Looking to find out what the evidence shows on staffing for robotic procedures. DO you provide 2 scrubs for these ...
Karen MacDonald Category Equipment Jun '22

During a hysterectomy instruments may have to be exchanged and/or the camera needs to be cleaned. If there is only ...

Dixie Weldon
What are some strategies everyone is using related to the bovie pad shortage?
Dixie Weldon Category Equipment Jun '22
we use megadyne k gel pads. simply clean between procedures.
Derek Pozzessere
What do you think is the ideal placement of the return electrode for an oral case? i.e. Tonsillectomy
Derek Pozzessere Category Equipment Jun '22

Abdomen or flank.

Norene Harrison
Please share your facilities policies/procedures on who can insert robotic arms/endoscopes, attach and ...
Norene Harrison Category Equipment May '22

We are looking for the same thing. We don't currently have a policy on the role of a surgical tech during a robotic ...

Audrey Nelson
How are other facilities draping the Spider Arm without the proprietary drape which is on backorder. We are having ...
Audrey Nelson Category Equipment Apr '22
Sierra Vasquez
Does anyone have a laser competency check-off for new hires?
Sierra Vasquez Category Equipment Apr '22
Jodi Schaumburg
Does anyone still use a Dummy Bundle? If so, what do you make your Dummy Bundle with? And do you have an IFU for ...
Jodi Schaumburg Category Equipment Mar '22
Andrea Putzier
What protocol/process do you follow for patients that will need EUS but have an implanted device like an AICD, ...
Andrea Putzier Category Equipment Mar '22

If possible we try to use bipolar forcep bovie. We also verify with company/manufacturer if we can turn it off ...

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