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Megan Nolan
Presented by Jamie Ridout , MBA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR, CASC Administrator at Capital City Surgery Center, ...
Megan Nolan Category Newsworthy Mar '21
Bonnie journey
AORN 4501-Northern Utah and AORN 4502-Central Southern Utah have merged to become AORN 4501-Utah. The merger ...
Bonnie journey Category Newsworthy Dec '20
Karen Knapp
VOTING MATTERS! While we are all saddened by the cancellation of AORN Expo 2020, the business of the association ...
Karen Knapp Category Newsworthy Mar '20
Maureen Taylor
November 18, 2019 National Legislative Forum Call Amy Federal Update:  In DC, 2 nd week of Impeachment inquiries ...
Maureen Taylor Category Newsworthy Nov '19
Maureen Taylor
June 2019 Legislative Forum Call Amy Hader and Jennifer Panak (?) Federal Update: AORN continues to work with the ...
Maureen Taylor Category Newsworthy Jun '19
Maureen Taylor
May 2019 National Legislative Forum Call With Jennifer Panak,(?) Senior Manager of Government Affairs at AORN ...
Maureen Taylor Category Newsworthy Jun '19
GARY FRANKLIN Category Newsworthy Apr '19
Maureen Taylor
Legislation Call: March 2019 Jennifer Penack is replacing Danielle:  She comes to us from Chicago, with tons of ...
Maureen Taylor Category Newsworthy Mar '19
Hi its Kristy from Mayland not Christie. 
Jan Stull
The following positions are open on the Board of Directors for AORN of Tampa Bay for 2019-2021: President -Elect ...
Jan Stull Category Newsworthy Mar '19
Karen Knapp
Don't Forget to register for today's Candidate speech Webinar for the Candidates for BOD. Sign up at ...
Karen Knapp Category Newsworthy Feb '19
Karen Knapp
Our very first "Meet the Candidates" webinar has been completed. Tonite we heard form the candidates for the ...
Karen Knapp Category Newsworthy Jan '19
Maureen Taylor
1/21/19 AORN Legislative Call update Danielle left us, sadly, for a Lobbying firm in Denver.  We are looking for ...
Maureen Taylor Category Newsworthy Jan '19
Maria Carmencita Duffy
Maureen Taylor
November 19, 2018 Legislation Call    Amy Federal Update:  mid term elections are over, squabbles over judges and ...
Maureen Taylor Category Newsworthy Nov '18

Thank you for mentioning the Friends of Flo podcast. It was a pleasure to take part in the recording of this ...

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