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Krizia Leigh Senina
Hi, I'm Krizia, an OR RN and RNFA working in Saskatchewan, Canada at the present. I was so excited to attend my first ...
Hello Krizia,

So glad you enjoyed the virtual expo. I happy to serve as one of the Global Conference and Expo ...
Norberto Taban-ud
Hello guys,

I am Norberto A. Taban-ud an OR NURSE here in King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam City, Saudi ...
Laurie Gronowski
Hello Colleagues!!
I am glad to be able to experience virtual expo.  I try to attend every 3-5 years just due to cost ...
Are they going to be playing the movie again? I missed it. :(
Brianna Bradshaw
Will the latest Town Hall from 5/21/20 be made available to review/watch? 

AORN Town Hall with The Joint ...

It is available via the Watch and Listen link > Education Hub link and scroll to the bottom. Hope this ...
Theresa Bruno
Hi, where can I find this?

Theresa Bruno, RN, MSN, CNOR
Theresa Bruno Category New to Expo 28d
New Question
There are 2 TJC focused webinars that you can find in Virtual Expo: ...
Gloria Hou
Hello everyone!  I work in Orange County, CA, just 10 minutes drive from Anaheim, CA.  I have been an OR nurse for ...
Gloria Hou Category Meet and Greet Jun '20
Cara Rich
I am curious if anyone has come up with a great way to complete yearly based competency for OR staff.

1) Do you compete ...
Our OR is small so not such an issue for us. I have done individual skills check offs/competency tests and have used ...
Bridget Hanley
Hello Virtual AORN attendees! My name is Bridget Hanley and I am a talent sourcing specialist with Northwell ...
Janice Kelly
Did you know that AORN Syntegrity created hyperlinks that do not change to take you from your EHR to eGuidelines+ ...
Janice Kelly Category Virtual Expo Hall May '20
Carole Mayes
Hello! My name is Carole "Gert" Mayes. I was so excited to attend Expo again this year but . . . .  However, I am happy we ...
Carole Mayes Category Meet and Greet May '20
Olga Lopez
Hello Everyone , 
Question Is your OR staff wearing N95 masks for all Negative Covid Patients ? Reason I am asking is ...
Olga Lopez Category Meet and Greet May '20
All staff are wearing N95 masks if performing patient care, surgical mask if only doing office work.
Tina Montanez
Hello everyone, I'm Tina perioperative nurse at Cook County Hosp night shift. So glad to experience this ...
Tina Montanez Category Meet and Greet May '20
Tina Montanez
Hello everyone, I'm Tina perioperative nurse at Cook County Hosp night shift Chgo, IL. So glad to experience this ...
Tina Montanez Category Meet and Greet May '20
Michelle Lemmons
Hello everyone! My name is Michelle- I am an OR clinical Educator.  This was going to be my first Expo (and first time ...
Welcome Michelle. Glad to meet you virtually. My best memories have been the ability to connect with ...
Tracey Young
Hello! I am a Nursing Professional Development Perioperative Specialist from near Pittsburgh, PA. I am sad that ...
Tracey Young Category Meet and Greet May '20
Welcome Tracy! I was sad that AORN Expo was cancelled too, but I’m super excited that we have this medium to ...