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Access ORNurseLink by entering your login information on and then selecting "ORNurseLink." You can select “Remember my Email” to expedite future logins. Please note this is not recommended for public computers. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot Password" which will send a new password to your account email address.

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See and Participate in Discussions

There are two types of ORNurseLink discussions: group discussions and open discussions. 


Participate in Open Discussions


Discussions are where you can view and participate in the latest discussions and get clinical answers from your peers.  Forums are provided for clinical discussions, leadership and management, career & professional developmentnovice nursing, and general discussions. Have a clinical question? Ask AORN Clinical Nurses is your forum to post a question and AORN Nurses will respond.

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Open discussions are open to any ORNurseLink user. To participate, click on the discussion thread title and either click on the green "Add Topic" button to start a discussion or, while in the discussion specific view, click on the green "Reply" button.


Participate in Chapter or Specialty Assembly Discussions

You must be a member of the group in order to participate in the discussions. Once you are a member, click on the green "Start a New Discussion" button on the group homepage. If you wish to reply to a discussion, click on the discussion title and then, while in the discussion specific view, click on the green "Reply" button.

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Access Your Groups


To review the groups of which you are a member, click on the My Groups tab on the Groups page or view the My Groups menu on your dashboard (homepage). On the My Groups page you’ll see the list of your active groups with links to discussions, members, and more.

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Suggest a Group

We have over 100 Chapter and Specialty Assembly groups for focused discussion with a targeted audience. If you feel another specialty group would add value to the online community, click here to provide your recommendation.

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Creating a Group

To create a group, start off by entering a group name and description. You can also enter group related news and create a welcome message. This will be the main greeting for all members when they join the group. Next, you will need to set the access level for the group. The options are: Public - Anyone can view group members and posts and create posts, Open - Anyone can view group members and posts, but only group members can create posts, Closed - Only group members can view group members and posts and create posts and Hidden - Only group members can view group members and posts and create posts and group does not appear in browse results. You can also select a photo that will represent the group and is the main image all members will see. If you would like users to have the ability to subscribe to your group via a news or RSS reader, select “Yes” for “Would you like to have an RSS for this group”. For group event creation, you can select who will be able to create events within your group. The options are Administrator (You), Only Administrator (You) and Moderators and Everyone. Once you are done click "Create Group".

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Finding and Joining a Group

You can browse all of the groups through the Browse Groups tab. Hidden groups will not be displayed. Once you find a group you'd like to join, you can click 'Sign-up for this Group'. Groups that you are a member of will display on your My Groups page and in the My Groups area on the My Home page.

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Leaving a Group

If you wish to leave a group other than Specialty Assemblies or Chapters, go to the settings option within the group you wish to leave.  Once in the settings menu, you will see a black "Leave Group" button appear next to the group name.  In order to leave a Specialty Assembly or Chapter, you must make that change by calling Customer Service at (800) 755-2676 or in My AORN.


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Access Resources


To access a list of resources by category topic, go to the Resource Directory, a link to which is located underneath the main navigation topic 'Resources'.

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Available Resources

We have over 600 resources sorted into separate categories. If you feel a specific resource is missing and would add value to the online community, click here to provide your recommendation.

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To search for resources in specific categories, click on the category title listed in the "Resource Category" section to the left of the page here. From the specific resource category page, you may use the filter option to pull down your list of resource results. Filtering allows you to search by resource type and by keywords in the resource title.

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Email Notifications and Subscriptions

The email notifications tabs allows you to control what areas of the platform send you an external email to your account email address when there are updates to content you uploaded or are participating in. You can select your email subscription frequency:  

  • Immediate Alerts: You will receive an email anytime a user starts a new discussion replies to a discussion for groups to which you belong. This option will allow you to reply by email.
  • Daily Digest: comprehensive digest includes all group-specific activity from the day
  • Weekly Digest: This comprehensive digest includes all group-specific activity from the week. 

You can also unsubscribe from all site notifications in this area.

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Your Inbox

Your inbox can be found directly under the bell icon under "Messages" or by going to "My Account" and selecting "Messages". The messages box will allow you to manage your pending colleague requests from other ORNurseLink users, view any private messages you have from other community members or group messages received from any group that you belong to.  You will also be able to view any attachments sent to you from this area.  This private message system allows you to communicate privately with other users on the site.  Within the Inbox, you can open and read messages by clicking on the subject header of each message. You can also delete a message, click check box and then click “Delete Selected”. To view the sender’s profile, click their user name.  A direct link to your inbox can be found here.

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Search for Content and Other Users

Profile Based Search

A profile-based search is an easy way to find other people with the same interests or expereince in the community. To use a profile-based search, all you need to do is click on the keyword in the profile information of the user's profile you are viewing. This will search the platform for all users with the same information and return a list of those users in the search results. You can then view their profiles and add new friends by sending them a friend request.

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Basic Keyword Search

To search quickly using a keyword or phrase, type the keyword, name, or topic you are looking for in the top right seach box located in the site header or navigation area. You can select a specific area to search in from dropdown box to the left of search field. When you are ready, click “Submit” and you will a list of all content items and users relevant to your search terms will return.

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Advanced Search

To search for specific words in a community area, enter your search in the search box at the top of the page. Once your search results appear, you can filter by type (Members, Photos, Videos, Resources, Groups, Discussions). To use the Advanced Member Search, click the 'Member Search' button to the left of your search results or go to 'Member Search' under Member Directory. Search for members by name or email address, and filter by profile field. 

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Privacy Settings


The Privacy Settings tab in the My Account area gives you control over who can see your content. There are three settings for each area that can be applied: friends only, everybody and nobody. The areas that you can control privacy for are profile comments, profile information, and all content. You can also restrict access to limit the ability for other users to send you a private message.

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Manage Contact Information

In the 'My Account' area, you can update the main account details for your account, including username, first name, last name, email address, and password.

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Manage Your Content

The My Files area allows you to manage all of your photos, videos, files, and audio. For each item you upload, you can add a title, description, and tags. You can share all items in the associated site wide galleries. In the photos area, you can select a photo to be your main primary site photo. For photos, you can also choose to upload or link to a photo to be shared in the community. For videos, you can embed videos from other sites such as You Tube or upload a video from your computer. For files, the maximum file size you can upload is 20 megabytes (mb).

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Connect With Other Users

View and Add Connections

Connect with other members of the community! Under 'My Groups', you can access your groups or find a new common or specialty interest group to join. View upcoming events in the community 'Events' calendar. You can also find and connect with other members of the community via the 'Member Directory'. The Member Directory includes an advanced search engine so you can search for members based on specific profile criteria (e.g. name, title, company, certification, degree, willing or looking for mentor, etc.)

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The My Colleagues area lets you see the ORNurseLink Members whom you have connected with and provides a link to visit their profiles. It also shows you the total number of connections you have. If you have any pending friend requests, you can select one of the following options: “Accept” to add them as a friend, "Decline" to not add them, and "No Action" to leave them as a pending request.


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Invite Others to ORNurseLink

Use the invite page to invite your nursing connections to join ORNurseLink. Your name and the email subject are automatically populated; all you need to do is add an email addresses by typing them in the next box. Separate each email address with a comma. If you’d like to add a personal message, do so in the box below the email address box. The message body is an automatically generated email from the community. Once you have all of the information populated, click on "Send Invitation". Please remember that only AORN members have access to ORNurseLink.

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View Other User Profiles

To connect with other users on the site or become 'friends', you will need to send them a connection request. To do so, view the user profile and click on the "Add as Connection" link. If you are already connected, you can also remove the connection in the same area. Depending on the specific user's setting, you may also send him or her a private message or invite him or her to a group you are already a member.

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Technical Help

Update your browser to the latest version to ensure the best user experience. 

•  Chrome: Install / update
•  Internet ExplorerInstall / update
•  EdgeInstall / update
•  FirefoxInstall / update

Not sure what browser you're using? Click here to find out.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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